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Too Cute to Eat

I was looking for inspiration for one of my class assignments and happen to stumble upon this adorable little creature.


This little guy is the mascot for a brand of tofu sold in Japan and it’s name is Hanari Tofu,which translates to elegant tofu. In the beginning, the tofu was not selling well and virtually unknown. However the company’s new marketing strategy to create a character  turned into a success as now they have branched out from just selling tofu. Now fans can buy cushions, stationary, and even cell phone wallpaper. Originally, one tofu character was created but because of its popularity, Hanari now has five other friends, all representing the different types of tofu.

TofuCharacter34       TofuCharacter12     TofuCharacter7     TofuCharacter5

The characters are so popular that it is hard to find information about the actual tofu itself.  It’s almost as if the company has moved from the food to toy industry. Even if you can’t read Japanese, I recommend checking out their website because it’s not only a great representation of clean Japanese design, but it’s also simply adorable.

I am not sure if the actual tofu is delicious but I am willing to give it a try if Hanari is on it!