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A new logo can change everything!

olive_garden_logoI was pretty shocked to see that Olive Garden had redone their logo and redesigned their brand. Their old logo goes back until I can remember. From the looks of their logo change, you can immediately notice that they are going for a more modern look and leaving behind the “classic home kitchen” feeling of their old logo. Many restaurant update their logo after several years and I do think it was time for Olive Garden to go for a different look (even their website has been completely redone). Their new logo uses more of a flat look and uses an illustration instead of an image. Also, interestingly they have dropped the “restaurant” tag line and changed it to “kitchen” perhaps going with the whole reinvention of their brand. I do think their new look is very refreshing and interesting, they made a drastic change to their logo and I do believe that they have improved on it. What do you think about the new logo? Would you have stayed with older one?