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A Fond Farewell to Howard Paine


Howard E. Paine in 2010, holding up examples of the changes he helped bring to National Geographic Magazine (Adam Paine)



The Washington Post wrote a large article about Howard Paine, the graphic designer for both the United States Postal Service and National Geographic Magazine.

He worked for more than 30 years at National Geographic retiring as their Art Director. He was responsible for the redesign of their type heavy cover, which took him over 20 years to convince National Geographic to change.

Thank you Mr. Paine for your perseverance in the redesign process adding color photography to a national magazine cover that has been around since 1910.






The U.S. Postal Service Elvis stamp, which Mr. Paine helped create. (U.S. Postal Service)


Mr. Paine also worked for the USPS for about 30 years, and his 29-cent stamp of Elvis Presley created in 1993 remains the all-time leader in commemorative stamps. Becoming the stamp design coordinator in 1981, he played a roll in designing around 400 stamps.

Thank you Mr. Paine for the many new designs that affected our postage stamps.


It’s great to see an appreciation for the dedicated work of beautiful design.


If you are interested in reading his article in The Washington Post, here is the link: