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Looking Into Logos

Logos. We are all surrounded by them. They can look deceptively simple. But how many of us truly look at logos to determine the subtleties? Here’s one that surprised me:

Letters in Toyota logo

Logo contains letters T-O-Y-O-T-A

So the Toyota symbol actually has all the parts to make up their brand name. Uh…wow! Despite hours stuck in traffic surrounded by some half dozen Toyota logos, I never made this connection.

Toyota Logo

logo for Toyota

According to Toyota’s webpage about their logo, this symbol has been around since ’89. The three ovals each have their own meaning. The two ovals inside the big one represent the steering wheel of the car, and make up the “T” of Toyota. These inner ovals also represent the relationship between the company and their customers. The outer oval signifies the world “embracing Toyota.” This logo looks the same, whether you see it from the front or through your rear view mirror. There’s obviously a bit of thought that went in to this. No wonder it took about 5 years to finalize this design.

Sadly, no mention of the designer(s). Does anyone know who designed this?