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Delicious Fun

Personally, I find it hard enough to find the time and energy to make my own food, let alone create food art. Food design is a field most people probably don’t think about because, naturally, most people are concerned with taste rather than the aesthetic of food. To me, the Japanese have perfected the challenge of food crafting with bento, which is Japanese packed lunch box that not only looks fun but is nutritious as well. A typical bento lunch will have rice, vegetables, a protein, and fruit.

Bento7 Bento9Bento5Bento6


Bento artists think differently from other artists because they are limited to the ingredients they have. At the same time, the possibilities are endless because they have the whole grocery store to gain inspiration from. A big influence on their ingredient choices is the flavor combinations of the different food they have. Besides making it look good, they have to worry about taste as well, which makes me respect them even more. I also think bento allows for artists to return to their childhoods, bring out their creative side, and just have fun with their food.

If graphic design doesn’t work out for me, I just might go into the bento business.