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Is a Graphic Design Degree detrimental to the collective types of design?

Most Graphic design degrees you are able to receive at the college level, including George Mason, encompasses such a wide variety of topics it becomes very difficult to fit in more than two courses on the same subject. You can’t obtain a firm grasp on, say editorial design, before you must move on to a web design course. This is disregarding general education and introduction level art courses.

Would we be better off graduating with the confidence to say, I am a: web designer, UX designer, editorial designer, or any other actual job title? It is assumed you will call yourself a graphic designer until you find a job and carve out a path of your own. This mentality is what leads to the old adage, you will do most of the learning during your first job rather than in college. I have had teachers tell me this, which is a little unsettling due to the massive amount of money I’m shelling out for this education — which I was just told contributes relatively little to my overall knowledge.

What do you think? Should a college degree be the price of entry or more of a solid bass of knowledge?

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