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Nothing Comes Easy

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Design can be very challenging.

Over the past few days, I’ve been modeling a famous character for my animation class. I started with a simple idea on my head, but then as I began to construct him, each step became more challenging.

I’m talking nonetheless but Wall-e.

This may not be a poster or graphic design, but the process is THE design. Wall-e has the most basic shapes that someone can easily create through a computer or a hands-on project. However, as you get to its details, the process becomes more overwhelming. That is because within each shape, there a new geometric feature, and sometimes it requires you to think “outside the box.” In other words, you must consider other factors such as the relationships with each piece, how they function together, how they are combined into a single form, and many more.

While recreating and designing Wall-e, it brought me the idea in how something so simple, can be as well a big challenge for many us. Especially when we develop new ideas and contribute them into our work, sometimes our mind visualization turns out completely different from the final piece. That is why design is a process. You must consider not only your own concepts, but be open minded to other ideas, other factors that may involved into your own design. It may be complicated but doing so, creates not a good design, but rather than an excellent piece.

Even though this animation can be challenging, the design process has helped me to pay close attention to every detail in order to create an extraordinary piece.