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OK – I’m Jealous….

I have just heard of a new app that hopes to give some Adobe products a run for their money: Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3. Since I found out about it from a graphic designer at a local web design agency, I decided to check it out. Here’s a screen shot from the developer:


Screen shot from Sketch3 developer’s page

It looks like it does a lot of the same things Illustrator does, but perhaps with more straight-forward menus. Some of the features look pretty nice. You can snap to a pixel and export CSS properties of individual shapes. It is possible to sync fills, shadows, and other style elements across multiple layers. In vector mode, corners are not just straight or rounded: you can have disconnected, asymmetric or mirrored. You can simultaneously export to multiple sizes and formats. Sounds nice, right? Here’s the “but:”

Turns out Sketch 3 is only available for Mac (which is why I hadn’t heard of it before; I have a Windows gamer laptop). The app’s cost is $99, but showing a student ID gets you a 50% discount.

The developers are not considering supporting Windows or Linux. Sketch3 does not support Photoshop or Illustrator files either, but you can import/export your Sketch3 work as svg, eps. or pdf. Additionally, as you work you can preview how your design will look on other iOS devices if you purchase the $4.99 iOS Mirror app. If you want to read more about Sketch3, click here.

So, is anyone using this app? If so, what do you like about it?

Is this a “plus-factor” for Mac over Windows I wonder?

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  1. kmorga12 wrote:

    I love that this is another option to the monopoly that is Adobe software, but I cannot stand that this isn’t available to Windows Users!
    I’ve been using a Windows computer since I was old enough to work a mouse, and coming to school here required me to learn how to use a Mac because all of the classrooms have them for work stations.
    I have Adobe Cloud on my computer, and I think it works just fine for designing, even though it isn’t a Mac.
    I can do the same exact work on my little PC that I could on a Mac.
    And by opening up to both computers, you can get a bigger audience.
    So while I love the idea of trying out a competitor, I wouldn’t be able to try this out because at the moment I have zero plans on acquiring a Mac.

    Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 1:14 pm | Permalink