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Book covers are an excellent example of packaging design. The designer can showcase their ability to compose an attractive cover through thoughtful selection and composition of typography, imagery, and color. I am attracted to series of books that share a cohesive and different design approach from typical covers in that genre.



The colorful elements pop out from the detailed sketch of the human head and attention was given to where the art is cropped. Strategically designed, the covers informs the viewers that there are six books in the series and that each book addresses a different part of the brain.


The book covers above are for a series of books about the fundamental principles of art. I thought it was appropriate that the content of the book was reflected on the cover and beautifully done so with basic shapes and colors. Through a similar color selection and composition, the books are unified and carry a sophisticated tone that makes the viewer wonder what the books are about.

These two examples caught my eye when I was surfing the web for inspiration. Which book covers have caught your attention?