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The Sincerity Machine

Two words: Comic Sans.

The much reviled typeface has been used once again to irritate and annoy, but also prove a point. Jesse England rebuilt a typewriter with Comic Sans used as an alternative typeface. He has even gone so far as gluing onto the keys little letters that show just what you’re getting yourself into when you start typing.

The Sincerity Machine

But his point is a good one. A lot of hate for Comic Sans comes from its overuse by amateur designers who simply don’t know any better, and are trying to use something other than Times New Roman for their project.

So what is so wrong with a typewriter that employs the use of Comic Sans? The fact that this guy successfully trolled the entire design community by possibly ruining a perfectly good old-fashioned typewriter.

Well done sir, well done.

Get the full effect with the video from this link: