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About the 4 Elements of Timeless Logo Design

Days ago, I read the article from Bianca Rothschild about four elements of successful logos. There are Stylize, font, color, and package. Here are some thoughts after I read her blog. You will have various idea, once you have a brainstorming, but you must chose the best one of them. Focus on one idea that speaks to the key personality of your brand. Keep the icon clean and simple. The more complex the design, the faster it will date. About the Font, Stick with classic and well-crafted fonts, because trendy fonts that dates faster. Packaging is how you organize your icon and text. Only 1 pixel can give a different feeling to your clients. I think color is the last step of the designing. When choosing a main color, explore all the different shades of the color you like. It is usually best practice to stick to a small palette of one main color, possibly a minor secondary color, and then one neutral color.

I think the logo design is a process of accumulating experience. We must to see thousands works from other successful designers, and learn from them.