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Blending In

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Last semester, I had the opportunity to do a research project to one of my favorite artists: Cecilia Paredes.

As you can see, Cecilia marks a bridge between art and the real world. In other words, she uses people as mediums and corporates into her paintings. However, her technique is what usually helps her work stand out from any other artist. Believe it or not, Cecilia paints those bodies based on background texture she uses. Doing so, the body suddenly becomes a chameleon and makes the body blend into the environment.

Based on her captivated success, Cecilia Paredes created a series of these paintings and called them “Photo Performances.”  What I love about Cecilia is her history and creativity. Just like me, Paredes was born in Lima Peru and had to transfer to different schools in order to become the artist she is today. Also I love how the design plays into these works. You can clearly see how much detail she puts into the body form in order to create an accurate blending.

Based from her concept, I also had the opportunity to create my own photo performances. However, I change the concept with my own interpretation. I decided to do a series of stereotypes that are popular within our society today. My main focus is how teenagers constantly struggle to be accepted, and “blend” into society. Therefore I took some stereotypes and use the people’s clothing to relatively  match with the background.

To give you a visual idea, here are my five photo performances that I made:

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Now that you have learned about this process, what are you thoughts? What are your own interpretations with Cecilia Paredes’ artworks?


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