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Label Influence

When a food or drink label catches your eye, are you inclined to buy it? I must admit I am. I bought this bottle of wine because of how the label looks. (OK, OK, I admit I also bought it because I like a glass of Chardonnay now and then!)

Wine Bottle Logo

Sterling Vintner’s Collection Logo

While some labels like to put chateaus or vineyards on their bottles, I prefer the simplicity of this Sterling Vintner’s Collection label. The intertwining of the “V” and the “S” caught my attention. The serif of the “V” leads my eye into the logo, and then around to the “S.” Now that I think about it, that is a little backwards in regards to their name, but that is how I read it. I love the curvature of the outer lines juxtaposed by the horizontal lines within the two letters. The dark, double vertical lines of the “Sterling” make nice contrast to the light grey of the logo. The silver trim around the label gives the label a touch of class I think.

So am I alone here, or does anyone else purchase consumables primarily based on the appearance of the labels?