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Black & White Spring



I went to a photography exhibit last Saturday in Washington D.C. for one of my other classes. Alexander, or Sasha, Vasiljev has an exhibit up in Washington Studio School called “Spring in Black and White” in which he has photographed pictures of flowers in black and white. On his main website, the exhibition’s description is listed as, “Whether it is a bloom of a miniature forget-me-not or a substantial peony, these images exhibit striking details, offering an uncommon view of common spring flowers.”

When I first walked into the school, I noticed a line of pencil-sketched drawings in white frames running along all four white walls of the room. Seeing the photographs at first glance, I thought I’d stepped into the wrong exhibit. However, the subject matter of what seem to be sketches are just as described: portraits of flowers depicted from a very different view. Due to the monochromatic scheme, the viewer is able to get a new and different glimpse of the flowers that they miss out on in daily life. The different values of the flower seem to represent the translucency of the different parts, giving the photographs an “inverted” look.

The host told me he uses some kind of process called “photocollage” but she wasn’t too familiar with it herself. It was very interesting and if you have time, go ahead and check it out. The gallery talk will be held tomorrow in case you want some questions answered! I’d go, but I’ll be in class. Sigh.

Overall, it’s definitely an exhibit work checking out so go for it! Vasiljev showcases his love for nature and science through these beautiful visuals that represent the beauty of spring behind its colors.