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The What’s Underneath Project

I recently stumbled upon one of the YouTube videos that are a part of the What’s Underneath Project. Never having heard of it before, the first one I watched was quite interesting. It’s basically a collection of videos which feature a selected group of individuals who will remove their pieces of clothing while talking about themselves.

It’s actually done really beautifully, in my opinion. The way there is just a bare brick wall behind the people as they sit and chat to the video. It’s all so natural and very, very raw. I saw Myla Dalbesio’s video first. She is a “plus-size” model who got hired by Calvin Klein to do a photoshoot and got the whole media talking about it. In her video, she opens up about some very personal issues in her life. She also discusses how hard it can be to find modeling opportunities due to being a size 10. In the world of modeling, she doesn’t fall into the category of being thin but she isn’t considered big enough for the other end- she falls right in the middle.

Throughout the interview, she takes off her clothing little by little. I feel like it’s so beautiful because she does it so, so naturally and it brings out the more raw side of us as humans.

Definitely check it out! I’ll post the Myla Dalbesio video– feel free to explore other videos of the project as well!

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