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A Show That Will Run and Run

You can view a live show of the peace at

I am going to talk about Martin Creed’s peace “A Show That Will Run and Run.” I understood where Creed was coming from when he created this peace. Being a runner myself, I felt like I understood his thought process behind it. I found this piece intriguing. The thought that it was interactive art made it more exciting. Creed decided to have runners, run all day, through a museum. The concept of this was completely nontraditional. However, they were not just casually running they were sprinting (like their life depends on it), and they took short breaks. The breaks were there to represent the runners, and the pause was for recognizing them. The runner is not an object, but a human who is performing an act that is art. It makes it more interesting because it’s not a stand still object like a stone statue, but rather a live human. We move as humans. We move to go throughout our daily life, and to me this peace is a reflection on the repetitive forward motion through our lives and time. Creed says it best, “The runner is like a guide showing you the whole space.”

The most interesting part of this peace is, traditionally it is accepted in a museum that one doesn’t run. Here Creed is breaking tradition in a museum by creating art that runs through a museum, literally!