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Visiting Ballyhoo! Posters as Portraiture

My visit to Ballyhoo Poster gallery was a good experience. I had never visited a graphic design gallery with a variety of older and newer poster designs before. This gallery was featuring sixty posters about American movies. There were also some other interesting non movie posters, like a reward poster for John W. Booth for a reward of $100,000. There was also a circus poster from late 1800’s which I believe was the oldest piece. What I noticed, the photos of the main actors and actresses played an important role in the design of all posters. The expressions in their faces, no matter serious, happy or funny, remains in one’s mind. In my case I kept remembering two posters. One was Leonardo Crow Dog 1977’s “We Are Still Here” which was about a documentary film concerning Sioux grievances with the U.S. government. The expression of the man in the poster was very strong and long lasting in my mind. The other one that was engraved in my mind was Charlie Chaplin’s 1918 poster. It was a simple four color poster and Charlie had made a funny face. The typography used by the designers was interesting as well. Some posters had too large texts while some others too small. But as I mentioned it seemed to me that the stress was given more on the pictures rather than typography.

The progress in design and the advancement in technology could be noticed clearly as I was comparing older designs to the newer ones. The newer posters of course had better pictures, they were clearer and there were not a lot of painting versions of posters (in newer designs). It could clearly be seen that technology and the use of more advanced equipments like digital cameras, computer softwares, color printers and material like better paper and colors for sure have brought a huge change in new graphic design world. I would definitely recommend graphic designers to visit this gallery. It is still open and will run through Feb/8/2009. If interested please visit: npg