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Fun Flash Drives!

We love trying unique products because they’re fun! USB flash drives have become very popular since their introduction a decade ago, and designers have been exploring how to make them appealing and interesting to the public. Some designs include:

The Banana USB – Concealable, but not edible!

Cigar Pipe USB – I wouldn’t advise trying to smoke out of this…

Sushi USB – Another edible looking one, they’re getting more delicious!

Bulb USB – It saves your files, but also brightens your  computer experience.


What other designs have you come across? Adding a playful element to an object such as a USB drive intended for work allows the user to have a better personal experience because the association with the object becomes a positive one, rather than a chore. Not only do designers give us function, but they give us fun!

For more information: Cool USB Designs

One Comment

  1. mrudorfe wrote:

    I am always amazed at how design can transform something that is associated complete and utter function, into something that brings a little smile to someones face or a bit more of a light hearted view to the endless hours of work one must tackle. I wonder, if every function based item on the market was designed to bring a little humor and personal identity, like the sushi USB, would it increase internal happiness if people working the daily 9 to 5 grid?

    Monday, December 1, 2014 at 9:39 am | Permalink