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Excuse my Architecture

Frank Gehry is a very well renowned Architect, his most well known designed building is the Disney Concert Hall in Los angeles.
He puts a lot of thought time and effort into his designs, some of his buildings even being designed and made using airplane designing software. He and a team of designers sit together and think of all the possibilities they can to design new buildings, pushing the limits as far as possible, he even considers the people who will see his work daily and interact with it as well. He doesn’t just design for function but for the experience.
In this short article a journalist accused him of working for show, suggesting he was just a “show off” which he responded by giving them the middle finger, saying that unlike most architects now a days he dedicates his time and effort in his Art form, as opposed to just designing a building for show.

His work is very beautiful, I do think he has a point and he should be offended. His work on the Bilbao museum, revitalized the economy of the city it was built in. It gave jobs to the unemployed, boosted their steel industry, and dramatically boosted the tourism industry, due to people traveling just to see the building. The bulding which was designed to look like a ship entering the water that it resides next to.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi by Frank Gehry01 Walt_Disney_Concert_Hall,_LA,_CA,_jjron_22.03.2012