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Typeface Visual Assault

Of the many deadly sins a designer can commit, one of the most atrocious and noticeable ones is the use of more than a reasonable number of typefaces. Print designs traditionally implement only 2, maybe 3 typefaces in a document (I even asked my sister who’s been working in the industry for ~5 years now; she confirmed). That being said, some designs often use 5, 10 or more typefaces on a single page as a design in itself. You’ve probably seen them before – they look something like this:



The first image was a picture I took at a friend’s house that happened to have the book sitting on her desk. It’s a style that draws attention to itself by the use of multiple fonts.

I can’t decide if it looks great or if it’s headache-inducing.

While most of us probably see these types of designs, it is evidently not even a new trending idea; this poster, for example, was made in 1840 and the layout and excessive use of typefaces is still reflected in designs today:


This method of design completely contradicts the laws that designers today abide by. Why does this seem to be an exception to the standards today? Do you think it looks aesthetically pleasing, or is it a visual aneurysm?