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Blooming Tea

This blooming flower tea pod is amazing, The size of the glass teapot, and the blooming flower are well proportioned. This is also a good way of passing time while you wait for your tea to steep. I have one of these personally, and they are beautiful to watch. The tea is high quality as it should be considering each one of the budding tea pods is about 6 bucks, I was lucky enough to graph a set that included 6 pods, all different flowers and all different Teas, and the tea pot and glass. While I do think it is rather poorly designed in practicality ( the glass is hot)  it is mostly for novelty. These are better for a social circumstance, unless you are inclined to spend time watching the 6 dollar pod bloom on your own, and if so more power to you. It is beautiful, perfect size and wonderfully crafted.

One Comment

  1. mrudorfe wrote:

    What an awesome concept! While the price is a bit “steep” for a cup of tea – we do pay $4 plus for a culinary complex cup of joe from Starbucks that has no where near the element of beauty that the blooming flower tea pod does. I feel that I would almost be more inclined to buy the blooming flower tea to get a healthy dose of green tea and visual amazement – instead of standing in line with everyone else waiting 15 minutes for my $4.51 grande soy latte.

    Monday, December 1, 2014 at 9:34 am | Permalink