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Vacation, on the Rocks

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Ice Hotels before, you’re in for a frosty treat.


Across Canada, Finland, Japan, Norway, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland, these monumental structures are constructed primarily from snow and ice blocks (a cheaper resource than steel, concrete, etc.). Their structural integrity depends on extremely cold climates to stay intact, and often the locations they build them on eventually cause them to melt, so the hotels are usually operated seasonally.


Not shown, but the rooms also feature toilets made of ice. One can hope the indoor plumbing isn’t made of it as well.


The accommodations of the hotels include beds, restaurants, saunas, and, of course, bars where you sit on an ice stool and drink from an ice glass on an ice bar table. It also gives artists an opportunity to show off their ice sculpting skill:


Surprisingly, the prices per night aren’t completely unaffordable, even for a designer. Past the travel expenses, a Tripadvisor quote for one night in the Jukkasjarvi Icehotel in Sweden during mid-March 2015 yielded only around $400 per night. I use the word “only” loosely because you’d presumably be in Sweden to spend saved up money for an extravagant trip.

Immaculate structural design, comfortable (looking) lodging, and the opportunity to stay in a castle made of frozen water before you die are reason enough for me, and hopefully you all as well, to go.

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  1. mrudorfe wrote:

    INCREDIBLE! I have heard of ice hotels but have never taken the time to research them. This is an incredible kudos to the art of ice sculpture, which in my opinion is a culinary/visual art that does not get the recognition it deserves. In addition, the world of design is included in total in regards to the ice hotels. From architecture to ice sculpting to interior decoration to strategic engineering – ice hotel, albeit very unique, are a wonderful demonstration of creativity, originality, and design. I do wonder, is it easy to sleep in an ice bed?

    Monday, December 1, 2014 at 9:29 am | Permalink