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Dome Homes

A while back, I came upon an architectural design that keeps resurfacing on the internet. While probably not the future of housing in America, they certainly are a visually-appealing approach to architecture many of the students here have blogged about. The “Dome Home” is an intriguing design that, among the many modern-looking house designs, looks to bring something new to the table, in terms of the aesthetic, and that of function.


Reminicent of domed structures resting on top of Byzantine churches, the Dome Home not only boasts the structural integrity of a three-dimensional arch, but apparently can withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, debris from cars, and bombs. (

Plus, they look totally badass; it’s like something pulled straight out of a Star Trek episode.

Evidently, the Death Star crash-landed somewhere in the suburbs

As if protection against falling explosives wasn’t enough reason to get one, they’re surprisingly not far off in cost compared to our familiar four-walled houses. The spearhead website pushing for the growth of Dome Homes, “Monolithic”, claims that, given the varying sizes and materialas of your potential dome, on average a completed dome runs about $130 per square foot; so, a 1,000 square-foot dome, once finished, can cost around $130,000. (

Protection against the elements, nuclear-bomb resistance, and the satisfaction of seeing envious neighbors pass by while musing in your dome-study are enough reason for me to perhaps eventually invest in a space-station house. Give them a look.


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  1. mrudorfe wrote:

    How cool and interesting are these?! Very – in my opinion. This is a very interesting blog post as today, especially in more affluent areas of the United States, homes are big, beautiful, and all about showing off. The bigger the house equals the assumption that you are financial “living long and prospering”. I couldn’t resist a little Star Trek reference. Usually design pushes that boundaries of the bigger, better deal but I love that in this case design + architecture is influencing function over fashion (and eve safety in the midst of a nuclear world war). While I would wager a guess that most people would say, “EWWW!” after initially seeing these homes I think that the different, in this case the dome home, could and will become something of a very accepted nature in the home buying community.

    Monday, December 1, 2014 at 9:23 am | Permalink