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Cicret Bracelet

Are you tired of carrying your tablet or phone around with you all the time?

The Cicret Smart Bracelet puts a touch-controlled projector on your arm. Move over Google Glass

Here is the Cicret bracelet!

A device that projects an image of your cell phone on to your forearm.  You can use it as if you were holding your actual cellphone.  The Circet uses Pico Projectors and features 8 proximity sensors which enables it to detect you finger position on your forearm and sends that information feedback to the controls. The bracelet has its own processor, storage, bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.  I think they are still in the prototype stages so when completed, should sell for around $600 to $700.


Honestly, this is pretty innovative and should be a big hit if it works properly. Am I going to get it when it first comes out? probably not due to the price tag.  I also like to wait till all the kinks are sorted out because the first model are always faulty.  I’m not sure if the technology is there yet for it to work on a consistent basis. If it does, I could see this moving us away cell phones but not anytime soon.I think we’re going to see something else before this becomes the standard.  Here is a video that I found on Youtube. Let me know what you think?