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Walking (Running) Dead Simulator

Like the majority of full-time students like us, there’s a great deal of time spent working, and conversely not a lot of time spent working out. What could be the solution to motivating us to get out of our desk chairs and getting some cardio in?

Running from zombies. Duh.

Developed by writer Naomi Alderman, “Zombies, Run!” is a phone app video game funded through a Kickstarter campaign (an initiative for helping popularize and fund projects) that immerses the user, who starts their character’s story upon beginning their jog, into an audio-narrated world that progressively reveals a story while occasionally prompting the player to run like hell when a zombie horde is close behind them. By turning on the GPS on your phone, the app will remember jogging routes and customize the run based on your past times and offer improved goals. It additionally logs your pace and calories burned after each “mission”, all while unfolding the story through radio messages and voice recordings during each run.

In my opinion, this is one of the best usages of a phone app thus far. You’re not only encouraged to run outside, but rewarded through a developing plotline that keeps you coming back for more running sessions. It costs $4, but it’s the price you pay for surviving the undead onslaught. Totally worth it.