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Redefining the Magazine

International Designers Network Covers
As a designer we are constantly trying to keep our minds fresh with new graphical inputs and understandings. As we search for these new inputs we are sensitive to both the design of and information contained within a publication. I love reading magazines and it has been a hobby of mine for over 5 years. Going to the local bookstore and browsing through all of the latest design and art magazines was not just a past time but it was a necessity. As with any field it is crucial to stay on the cutting edge and to do this I found myself returning to this one wonderful publication.

It was called International Designers Network or “Idn” for short. The layout of the magazine is full of surprises both in form and content. Moving far away from your typical page layout you are constantly on your toes, this magazine keeps you feeling like you are in an unknown world that is extremely interested. The lack of the straightforward and standard columned layout with boxed pictures sitting on whitespace leaves you in a new environment where you have to fend for yourself in developing a new understanding of editorial layout. Always containing a variety of printing techniques and different types of paper this magazine almost never disappoints. Even the CD that comes with the magazine is typically a design that in a way that moves past the ordinary. This CD is full of incredible interactive design resources including fonts, tutorials, and more.

Based out of Hong Kong and having offices in Australia, New York, and Singapore, they are truly an international network. Having established offices in important and vibrant areas where design is flourishing keeps the content and features constantly interesting. I know it can seem pricy for a magazine at $20 per issue but if you ever get a chance to check it out, please do not pass it up. It is your duty as a designer to free your mind with this not so standard and incredibly beautiful magazine.

Also please check out “Adbusters” by the same company, it is full of hilarious parodies of advertising.

International Designers Network Layout