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The Beautification of Information

“I want my information and I want it NOW!” This cry for information is a byproduct of the millennial generation being raised on the almost instantly accessible vast amounts of data more plentiful then ever before. Not that all of this data is true or credible, but that is a whole different story or another blog post. Infographics are the topic of today, so let’s discuss this wonderful technique that makes large amounts of data aesthetically appealing and easy to understand.

This technique has made its way into the mainstream as a way of disseminating information with a graphical language that presents visual relationships to enhance our perception. This idea makes sense because most of the information that is transmitted to the brain is from visual sources anyway. Consider that a high quality infographics is 30 times more likely to be read then a text article. Not only is this technique a great one for disseminating scientific information that normally contains a lot of data but it is also a powerful marketing tool. It can easily layout the benefits of product or experience all at once in a way that is much more pleasing then just text complimented by a picture.

Not only do infographics make information beautiful but they also make consumption easier and more intuitive. I think that this is the key to their success, because understanding something is the most important aspect of information dissemination. One odd ball point that I want to make is that of infographics resumes, another new trend that has developed in the same name of competition (text vs. graphics+text). I love these and think that they are incredibly interesting way of discussing who you are, what you have done, and what you are experienced with. So in a world that is becoming increasingly visual the trend behind infographics just makes sense. Especially when the internet is running rampant with millennials constantly demanding increased consumption rates of information.

I will leave you with these two infographics. The first is an introspective and the second is a type of activism that aims to increase awareness of global environmental issues.

Infographic about an Infographic!         Recycle your plastic!