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Designing for the 5 Senses and Why Sex is so Good!

WATCH THIS VIDEO. Eeee, sorry for being bossy but hey, it is a short watch and presents a very interesting idea plus it has over a million views. Get with it!

Ok now that you have watched this and you know why sex is so good (oh so now you decide to watch this video) let’s discuss. How is possible to make your future designs appeal to the five senses?

I think graphic designers can loose sight of how images can inspire the senses because it is difficult to use a visual medium to activate the senses. But a great example of this is a great photograph of, lets say, a bowl of hot and delicious soup. This inspires the senses of smell and taste and advertisers use this concept all the time to make food and drink way more appealing. This concept is so interesting as I too often forget that there are more ways of communicating different sensory experiences with a visual medium. I challenge you to activate more senses in your next design and increase the pleasure in which they are perceived.