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AWWWARDS! Inspiration!

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Where do you look when you need some design juice to satisfy your thirst for wonderful web experiences? Let us know where you like to look but for me I like to look at this website: If you haven’t checked it out and you are interested in website design, you must go look it but only when you have some free time…you might get stuck in the web for countless hours until you are freed by a need to sleep or eat. Just kidding…kind of…but seriously it is a great place to find inspiration. Everyday they feature a new site of the day and every Wednesday they give out a developer award that is based on the community’s votes. They use a ranking system for the designs that is based on four different criteria: design, usability, creativity, and content.  There are so many wonderful websites here and as it is being updating constantly it is an almost never-ending fountain that can satisfy even the most “thirsty” designers. Anyone can submit there site, so once you have experienced this fountain of design youth please let it inspire, re-inspire, and possibly win some awwwards!