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Advertising Slogans

What company or product does it remind you of when you hear “I’m lovin’ it”? How about “Breakfast of champions” or “Just Do it”? Most companies come up with brand messages or advertising slogans that they use in all of their television and print ads. Slogans like these will always go with the companies’ logos and become their identity. Advertising slogan is an effective marketing tool and a unique identity reminding consumers of the company and its products.

Slogans are frequently used for marketing of products and companies on radio and television as well. Most people believe that the audio versions of advertising slogans are more effective as compared to the printed versions. In printed versions the graphic designers usually change the typeface to a different font to match the overall look of their particular designs.

The combination of logos and slogans are widely known all over the world. There have been tens of popular logo/slogan combinations, mostly created in modern times. Some of the most successful logo and slogan combinations of recent years are: Nike (Just Do it), McDonald’s (I’m lovin’ it), Adidas (Impossible is Nothing) and so on…

What do you think of advertising slogans? Which approach to slogans makes it popular, in print or in audio/video? I think both ways are important and each one plays a vital role in its own place. In another word, for a slogan to make a company popular, all forms of its advertising will be valuable and helpful.


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