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Living Dolls

laurie-simmons-on-her-newest-living-dolls-body-image-1426546482 laurie-simmons-on-her-newest-living-dolls-body-image-1426546495 laurie-simmons-on-her-newest-living-dolls-body-image-1426548362

No, these are not real dolls. They are living, breathing models in Barbie-like makeup and costumes.

Artist Laurie Simmons has always been fascinated by dolls. She is best known for her 1970’s photographs of doll-house interiors . Inspired by Japanese cosplay culture, Simmons decided to make her own version of living dolls. The models were asked to close their eyes. Then Simmons and makeup artists spent hours painting a new set of eyes on the models’ eyelids. The result? Eerie looking portraits of living dolls with a confusing mixture of natural and artificial.

The work is titled “How We See”.  It’s Simmons’ commentary on people who alter themselves with makeup, dress, and even cosmetic surgery to idealize themselves to look like Barbie, baby dolls, or anime characters.  It’s a weird and witty interplay between fact and fiction.

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