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Finally, a museum that welcomes selfies


Ever wanted to take a selfie with one of your favorite paintings in a museum but were promptly stopped by a stern looking museum guard? Whenever you are in an art museum, you are always expected to stick to the “no touch” and “no photo” rules. Recently, the world’s top museums following the Smithsonian’s lead, added a “no selfie-sticks” policy that provoked protests  among vainer museum-goers.

The museums state that the policy is a preventive measure to protect visitors and property. But for cell phone photograph addicts like myself,  the museum rules seemed too limiting. That is why I’m  excited to discover that a new museum in the Philippines is actually catering to the needs of cellphone photographers.  In this museum, you are not only allowed to take as many selfies as you like, but also encouraged to touch and even take part in the works of art.

Looking at the photos the visitors shared online, I am amused by their creativity and originality. I like the way they reinterpret and reinvent the masterpieces. Here are some interesting ones.