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Stay Relevant!

realismvs.flatfullbackground    As graphic designers it is our duty to stay up to date with the current most popular trends in the design world. We may have our own tastes, but when it comes to designing for clients or the general public our designs need to appear fresh and modern. Oddly enough any trend ( whether in graphic design, clothing or music) seems to be cyclical. That is to say a certain style that was wildly popular in the 60’s may re-emerge in 2020 but altered or repackaged.

I have collected some examples of current design trends from another article. The first picture illustrates how very two-dimensional flat design has conquered a more realistic style in illustration. Flat design borrows many of its attributes from the swiss style and minimalism. It was currently made very popular with Apple’s release of the IOS 7.

The second picture I’m displaying shows the present popularity of  full screen background images and videos. These are found in websites and magazines, especially when the advertisement deals with traveling to a specific location. This evolution seems natural as our culture has become more and more visually oriented. This style serves to immerse the viewer in a specific locale, evoking stronger emotions and desire to travel to the spot in the picture. If you don’t want to be a dinosaur designer and you want to stay up-to-date on current trends go ahead and click on this link! Click here or get rusty!