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Bring the Light!



For a long time I have been enthralled with the idea of adding light sources to artwork. More particularly, I am drawn to the technique of adding and arranging fiber optic cables in fine arts mediums such as a painting or a drawing. I have yet to see a comprehensive tutorial video on how to achieve this effect, but from my understanding, you do not need to be an electrician to carry out this type of project. Also this form of art may run a little more expensive to create. But what is so exciting about it?

Lynn Godley is one artist who has made some interesting observations about viewers of her fiber optic art exhibit in Cologne Germany. She noticed that the viewers spent a significantly longer time looking at the light accents in her drawings and painting than they normally would for non-lighted art. She is currently launching a kickstarted campaign to study and analyze the physiological effects of the fiber-optic artwork upon the viewer. If the results a very favorable, Lynn believes that installing these types of artworks in healthcare centers could have seriously positive implications for the health of  patients suffering from various types of illnesses and disorders.

Me personally, I just think this type of artwork looks very, very cool. I have posted on picture of Lynn Godley’s work (the various frames of flowers) and also a picture of fiber-optic lights installed on a dress. Learning how to attach fiber-optics to outfits can prove to be an invaluable asset to any of you cos-players out there. Here is link to the article about Lynn Godley, enjoy! Lynn’s exhibit

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