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Art in Public


Saturday, March 21st was my last trip to New York with the Art Bus. It was always fun to visit the best museums and galleries in the wolrd. My best part of the day was taking the metro to go to the metropolitan museum; however, I accidently took the wrong line and it just happened to go through the Garden station where the beautiful artwork of the artist Margery Amdur is, “Six Places in Motion”, it is located on the platform of the Spring Garden Station. While I was there waiting for the metro, the artist design concepts and use of big scale painting immediately drew in my attention. I felt lucky being there, and that I was able to get a clear view and yet, better interaction with the artist artwork on the ground. I was utterly impressed by her work.

Sculpture, printmaking, and the study of the arts have been an admiration of mine since early childhood. Originally growing up in a different country, and then moving to the United States as a young adult, has further strengthened respect and interest in the study of art and the idea of an living in the free fluid space between thinking and painting. It was such a great opportunity to experience the fluid space between this big scale painting, the atmosphere, and the environment at the metro station. Painting concepts from such an amazing artist involve elements of nature. I appreciate her use of prepositioned amazing painting. Her work in public has given me new faith in my quest to be a great artist.