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Yes, these sculptures are made from sticks of colored wax, Crayons. These astonishing sculptures were made by Herb Williams.  Herb works with many different mediums but his most prominent is Crayola. This task is very time consuming and tedious. It’s amazing how you can take thousands of crayons and make life size animals, cars, and people. I admire his style and work ethics to complete these master pieces.

I actually made a sculpture myself of the Chicago Bulls logo using the same technique, but it was no where near to the level of Herb’s.  This task can be very frustrating due to the fact of the mind bobbling of how many crayons to buy, how to get the specific colors you need, and then structuring all of the together. This process took be roughly a week to complete.  I wasn’t sure how Herb received the specific colors, but, I spray painted by crayons, then mounted them onto a board. It was very time consuming but fun at the same time to see what you have created turn out to being a great, successful project.

Here is the sculpture I created.

Chicago Bulls Crayon Sculpture