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Web Design Elements Whose Time Has Come


People could not have been happier when Microsoft announced the death of Internet Explorer this month. Research and development for a new Microsoft browser is currently underway.

Most designers have already ditched Internet Explorer because no one seems to use it except a few senior citizens. The last time I remember using it was to find and download other browsers when I got a brand new system. So saying farewell to IE is a no-brainer.

Like Internet Explorer, there are several web design elements that need to go as well. The drop-down menu is the first one that comes to mind. Once a cornerstone of user interfaces, drop-down menus simply can’t keep up with the “mobile first” movement. People prefer device-friendly and fully responsive designs. Flash suffers the same fate, simply because it won’t work on iPhones and iPads. Carousel too, has been phased out because it is difficult to navigate on mobile devices.

I would also want to say goodbye to elements like pop-ups and animated sidebars, simply because they are attention getting, but in an annoying way.

What’s your list of web design elements that are dying, or need to be diagnosed  “terminal”?

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