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Now You See It, Now You Don’t


This Guy Makes Insanely Cool Sidewalk Art You Can Only See When It Rains

The art world has expanded over time by artist using different mediums and techniques. Artist are finding more and more ways to be creative and develop art on a higher level. The artist, Peregrine Church, found a ways to make his art distinguishable. Church’s one-of-a-kind work comes out on days when least expected.  By passers on a nice sunny day won’t be able to tell art is present; yet, when days of torrential down poor occur his art is dry and recognizable. Church’s work, also known as ‘Rainworks’, last for up to a year and is created in Seattle; where the shortage of rain is scarce.  His ability to make work requires a process of stenciling, drawing, and then developing the area with a special coating. It not only is different but has a positive effect on day’s that are otherwise dreary.

New approaches to art is a way to get art public and have viewers acknowledge art as a whole. It is a great way to enhance art and start audiences asking questions. What is art? Why is art important? New ways of art, like Church’s, embraces challenges and the critical eyes; however, the responses to new art can be just as rewarding. Church has taken rainy days and made them light all by his art. People, other than the art world, have acknowledge his outstanding creativity and praise him on the uplifting meaning behind his work.

See more of Peregrine Church’s art through the following link: