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A Tiny Barnes and Nobles


It’s 6:30am and I’m up doing my morning ritual of checking for new updates on Tumblr. Every now and then I look at trending topics for any interest. If there was nothing I would go to Recommended Blogs. Tumblr always changed their blogs and topics, so sometimes, you never know what you come across. Fortunately, I found an adorable blog known as little-literature.

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It turns out this blog is a small business that sells book charms of famous novels and series. As a bookworm and a lover of miniature things, that IMMEDIATELY caught my attention. Seeing miniature things on Tumblr wasn’t anything new, but it’s fascinating that these charms are based on famous books. You can even order a set based on a series such as Harry Potter

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Most of Little Literature followers have asked whether these charms can open like a real book. Business owner and designer known as Abby says that all the charms she makes are made sealed, however, upon request, she has made charms that actually do open.

Here is charm of the first Harry Potter book that contains the first chapter inside.


With these surprising discovering, this shows that you never what you find on blog sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, or WordPress.

Here’s Little Literature Tumblr and official website:

See if you can find your favorite book as a charm!