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Tea Marketing: Smart Packaging Help Lure Non-Tea Drinkers

Tea drinking practice’s beginning has a long history dating back to thousands of years ago.

There are simple ways of preparing and enjoying them as well as ways of brewing that require much more complicated steps in which matches the sophistication of collecting the tea itself.

Here in America, coffee gain much of its popularity through packaging. It is no different with tea, a new trend. A lot of people prefer the mild taste of white tea; therefore it is to no surprise that tea beverages manufacturing companies are constantly seeking to beat other competitors by optimizing the aesthetic appeal of the bottle in which tea are poured into before reaching your nearest groceries’ drink’s isle. As the market for tea grows, the more unique label designs get:

I wonder if the tea retains as much value as its bottle’s appearance… or are they merely selling the tea one can brew at home.

trends signal new competition.