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A Project I did…

Last semester I had a design class which was actually my second “design” class I had ever taken. The process was still a little new for me and for the first project we had to design different versions of a tool or a kitchen appliance using Quark Express and Adobe Suite. This project was very basic since it was the first one. I thought for a warm up project and to know everybody’s skill levels, this was a decent assignment from our professor.

First, we had to draw our tool, then scan it and then create a series of black and white Adobe Illustrator vector illustration studies with the following qualities:

Gesture: (electronic version from the best sketch),

Painterly: (Using thick and thin brush strokes, calligraphic, closest to the original gesture),

Graphic: (Using uniformity in rectilinear strokes),

Radical :(Extreme deviation or abstraction) and

Nirvana: (Selection of the best expression from all qualities.)

The final pieces had to be on 7”x 7” pieces of card stock glossy paper mounted on single-ply boards. Before mounting it, every week we were being helped during our class hours. The daily help were very effective; there were more students that I thought in our class that did not know many of the things that I didn’t know either. I was realizing that it was not only me who didn’t know some of the tools and functions of Quark and Adobe Suite.

Before the final week of this assignment, we had to show that we know how to insert print marks in a sheet and had to have a printed sheet as a proof. The reason of course was for all the students to learn this basic step for all our projects before we printed them. Print marks are such an easy step to do but at the same time very vital and helpful option for graphic designers. For one of the four pieces of our final work, we had to write something or find a short paragraph about the tool we were designing. The reason for this was to associate typography with our works and to select the right type of font that matched our particular designs. The tool I had selected was a screwdriver. After I did all the steps I was really happy with what I had done. Although, it was not that great as compared to some other guys in our class, I was at least happy what I had learned and I knew I had learned a lot.