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The New Way To Add A Facebook Friend

Ever want to add a friend in real life? Let me be more clear. Ever want to not actually add a friend.. but in real life? I’ve probably confused you even more. Hopefully these images help.

It’s an actual “Add Friend” button, the same one you would see on Facebook, only it’s been made into a pin by Dorota Pankowska, one of my favorite new artists out of Toronto Canada. I personally feel like this is poking fun on the whole Facebook friend dynamic.

Look at this. How cool would it be to force your friends to wear one of these?

It’s actually quite interesting, because how many of us actually talk to all the people we add on Facebook? Sure, maybe at one point we’ve had some really great connections with a few people, but you can’t very well be close friends with 250 people, not all at once anyways. Despite all that, this is a really neat little thing, taking something you’d only see online and making something real out of it is always interesting to see.

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