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Home is where…the foliage is indigenous!

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“Home is where the heart is…”; the age old saying is something that most people can relate too.  Home isn’t always where you live because it can be the lake house you grew up going to, or nook where you bundle up with your favorite book.  Home is somewhere that you know, that feels safe, that you can go to when nothing seems right.

Stephanie K Clark  ( click for more of her work 🙂 ) creates scenes of different homes in different setting completely out of thread and small sections of cloth.  It’s a really interesting medium because the lines she creates have the feeling of pencil or some sort of pen and colored ink.  My title is a nod at the fact that in her drawings she wanted to emphasize the homes by surrounding them with these “incomplete” representations of the foliage that you would find in the places that these homes are located.  I think her choice to make them “incomplete” only serves to bring more attention to them.

As finals loom over us, try to think of your happy place, think of your “home” and tell you self “almost…there.”