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Advertising Characters

What do you think, which one is more effective to advertise with, animated characters or humans? The companies care more about their sales and profits and so they always tend to come up with new ideas to advertise. Many companies nowadays introduce an animated character to sell their products. Designing an interesting and appealing character is a hard thing to do. Who knows which character people will like and which one they will dislike. When it comes to trusting a product and hear it from a human especially from a celebrity it is much better and effective. Most consumers will love to see a famous celebrity do the ads. In fact, many will actually watch the ads because of their interest to that celebrity not the product itself. But for the ads that companies hire a popular celebrity, they end up paying a lot of money. In addition, after years those celebrities get older and some of them might not even pursue their careers anymore. Their fame will not last forever especially with today’s celebrities, so companies have to find another person whom people will like and who is able to sell their products.
Due to the above reasons, more and more companies carefully come up with interesting, pleasant, cute, attractive and good looking animated characters. The animated characters cost much less than celebrities, and there will not be the headaches of live sets, production and all other frustrations. The other good thing about animated characters is they will live forever as long as the company exists. For example, if an animated character becomes successful in selling a company more, it will stay there forever and will be in all of that company’s advertisements. Animated characters are not only good for television ads but also for printed ads. For instance, Geico’s Gecko, Pillsbury’s Dough Boy, Michelin’s Tire Man and Energizer’s Bunny have all been very successful in all versions of their advertisements and as the identity of those companies.