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“…until you’ve sung an opera in their shoes!”

opera 1

opera 2

David Leventi truly gives you that experience of being in the shoes of a world famous operatic singer, or at least what their view looks like from center stage.  Using incredibly light sensitive cameras, and long exposure times capture all the fine details of some of the worlds more renowned opera houses.  The article I read made a funny comparison in that just like the singers throwing their sounds through the hall for the crowd to capture, the light bounces off the entire hall to be captured and turned into fine details by Leventi’s camera.

It’s truly incredible the depth and vastness he’s able to capture on what is seemingly a flat image.  Even though our eyes and mind know that they are flat images, this incredibly sense of realness is created.  It really makes you appreciate some of those singers because empty and on a screen, those halls are daunting, it’s really hard to imagine what it’s long to be there on opening night in front of a sold out crowd.