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Stop Playing with Your Food!

color 2



Seattle based photographer Brittany Wright took everyone’s parents scoldings and decided to completely run with it.  Using every food you could think of, and then some you probably wouldn’t, Wright creates these incredible gradients and swatches of color solely using those found foods.  It’s interesting because, besides burning some toast (which everyone is guilty of at some point or another), she does nothing to alter the foods to get the colors she needs.

This series is another instance of something, that as art students and designers, we talk about all the time; the idea of staying fresh and never being complacent.  We’ve all had to take some sort of design class where we learned about Itten’s color wheel, and how unless it’s Christmas don’t EVER use green and red together.  I remember doing projects where we had to use different paints to match our colors as close to Itten’s color wheel as possible.  Wright is taking that idea and going into a completely different direction that is both incredibly visually appealing but also fresh and new.  It’s always important, in a world where it seems like everything has been done, to try new things and to play with your food every so often.

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