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There’s an artist in all of us.




The story begins with a girl looking through her father’s old belongings and stumbling across a rolled up tube from the 1980’s.  Unraveling the tube she revealed a incredibly intricate hand drawn maze that her father, Kazuo Nomura, spent 7 years drawing during his break times as a janitor.  Excited at the opportunity to show the world her fathers work, she pleaded with him to create a second maze, to which he was very reluctant.  He claimed he “had enough of mazes”; with some prodding and a want to please his daughter, Nomura sat down and created another (apparently more difficult) hand drawn maze that was later created into a print for people to try and solve.  Get one here, although I warn you: even though you’ll probably think there isn’t, and it’ll make you want to rip your hair out- there is a way to complete the maze!

It’s really inspiring to see someone that never though much of their work, and just did it for fun, to see such success.  This man, who hadn’t touched that maze in 30 years, suddenly saw people across the world wanting to play HIS mazes.  They’re so popular (and difficult, taking on average two days to complete) that they’re still on backorder on the website with no new shipments being fulfilled into later in May.