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Typeface Matters

According to a new article written by the Washington Post, Times New Roman is no longer an acceptable typeface to use in resumes. Times New Roman is the “equivalent to putting on sweatpants for an interview”. Personally, I do not find the typeface within itself lazy like sweatpants, however I can see the rational behind the negative criticism of the usage in resumes.

Times New Roman is a default typeface on most publishing application. It is also standard for most essays and formal documents. As a designer, it should be expected to step outside the range of formality and showcase our creative side. I do disagree that the typeface should not be used for a resume. Since it is a professional typeface, it should be used for professional practices. To those who aren’t designers, a resume is a simple showcase of past experiences; straight and to the point.

For a list of recommended typefaces, and typefaces to stay away from in a resume, check out: