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HOW TO: Choose A Typeface

Have you ever been designing a project and just could not get that right typeface? Something was just a little off about everyone you chose?

Maybe it was just too casual? Or not casual enough?
Maybe it was too basic? Or too extreme?

There is a poster for $20 from The Design Deck that can help guide you to just the right looking and feeling font needed. This is a beautifully designed poster and will make your life a lot easier if you are ever stuck!

Say you want a modern, heading, professional and friendly typeface? According to the poster: Gotham would be a great fit! If you need to change it up some there are always a couple of other similar typefaces to choose from as well within each category.

So whenever you get stuck you can go to the simple typeface poster to help you out! It is great for first time designers who need could use a better understanding of what looks good within what context.

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