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Inspiration Through Games


The Farcry Series is known for its beautiful landscapes and graphic detail within their game designs but how is it possible to tie the games into your own design practices?

One redditor and designer decided to take the game that he liked and use it as inspiration to further his creative lettering. He took the different places and groups within Farcry 3 and 4 that he had grown to love and used those to practice his brush lettering. He used his knowledge of the game to create very fitting lettering for “Rook Island,” “Kyrat,” “The Golden Path,” and “Radio Free Kyrat.”

Everyone intentionally or unintentionally gets inspiration from what we are interested in anyway, so we might as well use that to practice and further our understanding of design. You never know when you might actually end up needing the skills you’ve gained from all that practice in the future! Plus, how often do we really get to work on projects that we really truly enjoy completely?